Society of Anaesthetists in Radiology

About our society

The Society of Anaesthetists in Radiology (SAR) aims to promote safety and optimize the quality of anaesthesia provided to adults and children undergoing procedures involving radiological imaging.

Radiological imaging, both inside and outside of the operating theatre, has become integral to the diagnosis and management of many medical conditions in the 21st century. The Society’s mission is to provide an education and training resource for anaesthetists, radiologists, radiographers, radiology nurses and others working within this specialist area.

Over the past decade there has been a rapid increase in highly complex therapeutic procedures being performed by a variety of specialists utilizing radiological imaging; these are often performed in clinically unstable patients with significant co-morbidity. Anaesthetists, as a vital member of the clinical team, are uniquely placed to deliver high quality care to these patients. This stems from their experience of caring for patients in most areas of medicine including Emergency Medicine, Radiology, Surgery, ITU, Pain, Obstetrics, Paediatrics and General Medicine.

The Society will provide a forum for consultants, trainees and paramedical staff to discuss new techniques and procedures as well as to share ideas. Through this we intend to bring to the fore and consolidate the existing guidelines of the Royal Colleges and to help implement their recommendations.