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The Society of Anaesthetists in Radiology (SAR) aims to promote safety and optimize the quality of anaesthesia provided to adults and children undergoing procedures involving radiological imaging.

Radiological imaging, both inside and outside of the operating theatre, has become integral to the diagnosis and management of many medical conditions in the 21st century. The Society’s mission is to provide an education and training resource for anaesthetists, radiologists, radiographers, radiology nurses and others working within this specialist area.

Over the past decade there has been a rapid increase in highly complex therapeutic procedures being performed by a variety of specialists utilizing radiological imaging; these are often performed in clinically unstable patients with significant co-morbidity. Anaesthetists, as a vital member of the clinical team, are uniquely placed to deliver high quality care to these patients. This stems from their experience of caring for patients in most areas of medicine including Emergency Medicine, Radiology, Surgery, ITU, Pain, Obstetrics, Paediatrics and General Medicine.

The Society will provide a forum for consultants, trainees and paramedical staff to discuss new techniques and procedures as well as to share ideas. Through this we intend to bring to the fore and consolidate the existing guidelines of the Royal Colleges and to help implement their recommendations.

Anaesthesia news – From SAR President’s Desk

The Radiology suite has become an increasingly common site for Anaesthetists. Complex work, from cardiology and neurology to general surgical work has flourished in these or the increasingly common hybrid suites. Often straightforward procedures or patients may be done with non- anaesthetic sedation techniques. However, the needs of the patient (significant co-morbidities, paediatric, confused etc.) or the procedure (prolonged duration, critical to have a still patient, etc.) drives the need for anaesthetist involvement.

Data from the recent Nap 5 survey suggests that about 100,000 anaesthetics are provided by Anaesthetists in these areas see (fig 1) and these patients are often in higher ASA groups compared to the general theatre group.

In a 2013 survey of Interventional Radiologists, 88% felt that the procedure was safer with an anaesthetist and 80% that the procedure was technically easier. However about 65% felt the list was less efficient, and a similar number felt that anaesthetists were difficult to access. A similar proportion felt that the need for trained assistance and the anaesthetists made the financial costs too high.

The Society of Anaesthetists in Radiology (SAR) was formed in 2011 with the recognition of this increasing activity and aims to promote safety and optimize the quality of anaesthesia provided to adults and children undergoing procedures involving radiological imaging. Its role is in sharing the experience of disparate specialties within anaesthesia, which provide these services, often in silos. Additional roles include engagement with radiologists and industry in recognising the increasing role of anaesthesia within their areas especially in forward planning and design of new facilities. Further we would like to increase the profile of this remote site with its specific risks to trainees, who are often thrown into this area to manage emergencies well outside their comfort of the operating suite.

The Society is run by a Committee of 8 and has organised 4 Scientific meetings, which is now held on an annual basis. We have also organised training days for Deaneries. The next Annual meeting will be in the Museum of London on 16th March 2017


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Further information on the Society is available on our website

We look forward to trainees at the Annual meeting. If you would like us to help your Deanery organise a day in your region, we can be contacted at the address below


Shane George

President, Society of Anaesthetists in Radiology


2017 Annual Scientific Meeting Programme


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The event is approved by the Royal College of Anaesthetists for 5 CPD credits

Date 16.03.2017
08:00 – 17:00

Location GB, London, Museum of London

Target Group Medical Doctors / Clinical Specialists

Language English

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Important Documents

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Appointment of Dr Dominic Nielson as SAR Trainee Representative

Dr Dominic Nielson has been appointed to the SAR Council as the trainee representative. He is a trainee in the Barts and the London School of Anaesthesia (North East Thames). He has interests in paediatric anaesthesia, anaesthesia for major surgery, remote site anaesthesia and education. He is a co-founder of a very successful structured oral examination course for the Primary FRCA. He graduated from the University of Leeds in 2010 and gained the FRCA in 2015

– Dr Shane George

SAR President


2016 SAR ASM Presentation Materials

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